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The 10 must-ask questions for hiring a DJ and create an unforgettable experience. Get expert insights and make your event extraordinary.

Updated: Jul 12

1. How do you mix and DJ?

Since each DJ is unique, it's critical to comprehend their mixing approach to make sure it fits with your wedding idea. While some DJs use beat-matching and scratching, others prefer smooth transitions between songs. To find out if their style suits your taste, talk to them about your expectations for music and your preferences.

DJ mixing up the hits at a party
DJ mixing up the hits at a party

2. Do you also make announcements? What emcee style do you have?

Find out whether the DJ can serve as an emcee if you need someone to announce things and keep the proceedings moving. Talk to them about their emcee style to make sure it fits your concept. Make sure the DJ can provide the emcee you want, whether that's a low-key approach or someone who is engaging and interactive.

3. How can you read a crowd and maintain your energy levels on the dance floor?

A great DJ can sense the crowd's energy and change the music accordingly. To keep people interested and dancing, they should be able to switch around the music and genres with ease. To guarantee a lively atmosphere, enquire about their background and methods for interpreting the crowd.

guests pack the dance floor at a wedding reception
It's Party Time!

4. How do you respond to requests for songs from visitors?

Requests for guest songs can give the wedding reception a unique touch, but they might not always match with the overall atmosphere you had in mind. Find out the DJ's stance about accepting requests from guests. A skilled DJ will handle requests that are inappropriate or off-topic with grace and be open to ones that fit within the general musical concept, if that's what you want.

lively dance floor with guests enjoying the music
DJ Tony Keeps Your Party Moving to the Beat!

5. How do you compile your wedding playlist?

A wedding DJ should know how to put together playlists that appeal to a wide range of tastes and foster a lively mood. Find out how they put together wedding playlists and if they take your taste in music into account. Your reception will be made extra special by a DJ who takes the time to learn about your vision and adds your favorite songs to the playlist.

6. Do you offer any dance floor lighting?

Lighting can significantly improve the atmosphere and enthusiasm on the dance floor. Inquire whether the DJ provides dance floor lighting or works in conjunction with a lighting expert. Discuss lighting options and effects to create a fascinating atmosphere that reflects your wedding theme.

Dance floor lighting effect that fills the room with color and energy
I use a vibrant effect called the Kinta FX

7. What is your setup like? What do you wear to a wedding?

Check that the DJ's setup matches your aesthetic idea for the wedding. Discuss the equipment they use, such as sound systems, speakers, and microphones, to ensure they can produce high-quality audio. Inquire about their wardrobe to guarantee they will match your wedding style.

Neat and clean DJ set up, organized and compact
Neat and clean set up, organized and compact

8. Will you be mixing live for our wedding, or do you have a list of music you have already chosen?

Talk about the DJ's method of combining music for your wedding. Some DJs mix live, adjusting to the intensity and tastes of the audience, while others have pre-selected playlists. Each strategy has advantages, so pick the one that best suits your tastes and desired amount of spontaneity.

DJ setup controller with ferraris i
DJ setup controller with ferraris

9. Can we submit a "Do Not Play" list?

If there are certain songs or genres you don't want played during your wedding, make sure to tell this to the DJ. Inquire about submitting a "Do Not Play" list to ensure that no undesired music are played during your reception.

10. How big is your music library? What genres can you play?

A varied music library is required to meet a variety of tastes and preferences. Inquire about the extent of the DJ's music collection and the genres they can play. A DJ with a diverse repertoire will be better suited to catering to all age groups and providing a memorable experience for all guests.

10 Questions To Ask Your DJ

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