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Uplighting for Events & Weddings

Enhance your event space with elegance of uplighting

At a low cost, your space can be dramatically altered! These up lighting units can be placed carefully to highlight specific architectural features of your venue or sparsely to provide a gorgeous color wash around the perimeter of the reception area.

Uplighting adds a spash of color to walls as well as other architectual features thus creating a stunning column of light aimed upward.

Pro tip: To establish how many lights you need, ask for the measurements of your event space. They are usually spaced 6 to 12 feet apart. Consider wedding uplighting it will WOW your guests!


4 Units $200: Small Party 

package consists of 4 lights

and is ideal for accenting

the wall behind a sweetheart

table or non wedding event 

such as corporate

presentation stage.


6 Units $250: Party Started

package includes 6 lights

and is commonly used to

spotlight the entire wall behind

the wedding party or to

enhanceother venue

focal points.


8 Units $330: Classic Style 

package includes 8 lights 

and is frequently used to

accent the wall behind

the bridal party as well

asextend the lighting 

to a neighboring wall.


10 Units $400: 

Classic Style Enhanced 

package includes 10 lights

and is ideal for enhancing

your corporate event or

wedding wall while drawing 

attention to architectural

features such as columns,

panels, or draperies.

12 Units $460: Premiere Deluxe 

package includes 12 lights

that will highlight

all four walls of most venues,
including architectural

features and Focal Walls.

16 Units $625 

Ultimate Premiere Deluxe

package of 16 lights which

will highlight the
entire ballroom and ceiling

creating a luxurious wash 

of color throughout the venue. 


Use the "We're Very Interested!" button below to tell me what

uplighting package you're interested in for your event.


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Wigwam ballroom enhanced with uplighting
Wedding cake table flanked with two uplighting units

What is uplighting? Click the play button on the above video for a demonstration.

Lath House Pavillon Uplighting

Event Enhancements

Enhance your event with a selection of exciting options, such as uplighting, dancing on clouds, and sparkler fountains. 

​Add that extra touch of magic to make your occasion truly unforgettable.


Projector + 6′ Tripod Screen

 3,500 lumens projector, HDMI cable included, best for small meeting rooms, restaurant rooms, rooms w/low ceiling. Includes setup & take down. 


Get all the benefits of pyrotechnics, indoors or outdoors, without the risk of fire from cold sparks.


A mystical atmosphere that will transport you and your audience to a dreamy world of dancing on clouds. yours now and elevate your event to the next level.


With upighting, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will a lasting impression on your guests. Uplighting is a simple and effective way to elevate your event to next level.

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